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Welcome to the Fairmount School of Music:
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Our music teachers give private music lessons to children and adults in the following:
Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Drums, Electric Guitar, Flute, Mandolin, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele, Violin, Voice.

Check out our talented students!

Listen to 8 year old Emma playing "Brahms Lullaby" AMF

Listen to 6 year old Maeve playing "Shortnin' Bread" AMF

Listen to 9 yr old Niamh play "Ocean, Ocean" AMF

Listen to 13 yr old Chris Gillooly and Mike McNamara improvise on "Blue Bossa."

Listen to Carolyn Holt, Sophomore Clarinet student of Ann Marie Falcone's

Listen to Peter Schiraldi. He is a Guitar student of Stuart Vokes'

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Mrs. Inna Onofrei with her piano student, Ellie

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Ms. Ann Marie Falcone's Clarinet, Piano, and Voice Studio at their Spring 2013 Recital

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Mr. Stuart Vokes' guitar students getting ready to perform in their Spring 2013 Recital

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Mr. Stuart Vokes just about to play an ensemble piece with his students in their Spring 2013 Recital