Fairmount School of Music is now Musicologie!

In 1988 Kevin Richards opened Fairmount School of Music with the goal of providing great music education to our neighborhood. We have had the privilege of serving the community for more than three decades. It is thanks to you that we have been able to make this school our passion and our career. You’ve put your trust in us and now we want you to be part of the next steps for FSM. We think you’ll be as excited as we are! In order to continue growing the school and offer great music education, we have decided to partner with the Columbus based music school, Musicologie. Musicologie was started in 2014 by husband and wife, Joseph and Kay Barker. They are both musicians and teachers and remind us of ourselves from back in 1988. They have worked hard to create a different kind of music education, focused on community and exploration. You can get to know their history and mission here: https://musicologielessons.com/about/our-mission/.

Please visit the new Musicologie: Cleveland Heights website here: https://musicologielessons.com/locations/cleveland-heights/

– Thank you for journeying with us!