Rates & Policies

New Student Registration

Prior to the start of lessons, each student must complete a registration form and pay a one-time non-refundable fee of $30.00 (Please make your check payable to Fairmount School of Music).

One family will not have to pay more than $60.00 for registering more than two members.

Click here to download a registration form.

Lesson Fee Payments

Half-hour lesson rates are paid monthly to your instructor. The entire month’s payment for lessons is due at the first lesson of each month. Call 216-321-5868 for your instructor’s cost.

Weather Policy

Teachers may teach on any day. The school does not close; however, if your studio has a snow day, your teacher will call you directly to cancel your lesson. Thanks!

Absence Policy

Each student will be allowed three (3) excused absences per school year (September 1st through May 31st) or two (2) if the student registers after January 1st. If a Holiday lands on your actual lesson day, it will not count as one of your excused lessons, and you will be excused.  Because studio time is being reserved for your child, any absences beyond those allowed will be considered unexcused and the lesson fees must be paid for those missed lessons. To give notice of an absence, and be excused, students must dial their instructor directly and give at least 24 hours notice; if it is an emergency, the teacher may mark that lesson as one of the three excused absences, if the three have not been used up. If you do not call the instructor and do not show up, you are not entitled to a makeup lesson and will be charged for that lesson.  Please do not leave your notice of absence at the school, as we cannot guarantee we will reach the instructor. We suggest that you keep copies of your instructor’s number handy at work, car and home.

Summer: Students will be excused for family vacations and when they go to camp. Students are welcome to take two lessons per week or hour lessons in the summer as the teacher may be able to accommodate them. Former and current students have felt this has been beneficial since they are not in school and enjoy the time they have to practice.

Additional Information

Talking and cell phone use in the hallway can be disruptive. Please be considerate and exercise restraint.

Do not block the drive way. Violators will be towed at their expense.