Fairmount School of Music Annual Recitals

Annually, The Fairmount School of Music hosts two recitals showcasing a specific genre of music. Although participation is optional, we encourage students to participate as the experience provides valuable performance time in front of an actual audience. Each recital is followed by a reception where students receive participation awards.

Traditional Recital
For students studying classical piano and voice, jazz piano, woodwind, brass or string instruments or musical theatre. Students perform as soloists.

Mike McNamara and his students at a recital, along with two students from Sandy Love’s studio who also performed that day.

Check Out our Talented Students!

9 yr old Niamh play “Ocean, Ocean” AMF
13 yr old Chris Gillooly and Mike McNamara improvise on “Blue Bossa.”
Peter Schiraldi. He is a Guitar student of Stuart Vokes’